How Does It Work?

Trace+ equips organisations with precise data to take proactive decisions, and tools to manage the workplace without compromising on either safety or efficiency. We take a holistic approach to safety at the workplace and provide a comprehensive solution.

Manage individual’s information in one place, creating an all-in-one profile for further easy assessment.


Smart mapping of individual movements enable data of Most interacted, Most Visited Areas


Performs complete risk-analysis of individuals and provides valuable Risk Indexes for safety.


02. Screening

Entry Screening made accurately and effectively with cost-saving technology

Coughing Screening Enables Prior Notice about potential Health Risks

Issue Entry Pass automatically once individual pass the test

Home Self-Screening is available

03. Scheduling

Hybrid workstation booking simplified to balance safety with efficiency


Employers can create a hybrid WFH/WFO model.


Employers can manage multiple shifts seamlessly and around the clock.


Employees can book their workstations
using their phones and manage work efficiently.

04. Managing

One tool to ensure complete policy management, communication, and monitoring

Use real-time data to assess threat levels in different areas and manage occupancy accordingly.

Drive policy based on smart insights and communicate easily through the dashboard.

Monitor policy adherence and empower employees with data for better risk management.


05. Tracing

Precise contact tracing for targeted containment measures and prevention of complete shutdown


Highly precise contact tracing allows you to take targeted containment measures.


Informs exactly who got infected and who got exposed.


Prevents complete shutdown by identifying the contaminated areas for sanitation purposes.


Reduces anxiety among individuals with precise information and helps break the chain.