"Would you only use a wooden fence to protect your children against a group of lions?"

We bet you would never do that, so, why protect your staffs and students against the epidemic just manually by worksheet and rough estimation?

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Students will be at risks without proper protection.

Education is a pathway of learning and into better wellbeing, yet the pandemic is threatening to erase many of those gains and bringing forward the risks to the future generation of humanity.

What are the risks?

According to a new study, restarting schools in late 2020 is linked to an increase in COVID-19 cases and mortality.

Some of the increase can be ascribed to the removal of other restrictions at the same time, as well as parents’ capacity to return to work, where transmission happens.

However, where kids and instructors did not have effective distance control at school, the number of illnesses and deaths increased.

“23.8 million children, adolescents, and youth (from pre-primary to tertiary education) will be at risk of not returning to care centers, schools, or universities in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 issue, with 10.9 million being primary and secondary school pupils. The COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to put 11.2 million girls and young women at danger, with 5.2 million of them being primary and secondary school students. These figures (10.9 million, including 5.2 million girls) are in addition to the 258 million primary and secondary school-aged children and youth13 who were already out of school before to the crisis.”

– The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

The pandemic expanded already-existing achievement and opportunity gaps, disproportionately affecting any kid. High school dropout rates have increased, and high school seniors, particularly those from low-income families, are less likely to pursue higher education. The crisis had an influence on students’ academics as well as their overall health and well-being, with more than 35% of parents being concerned about their children’s mental health.

Let's automate your school protection!

With the following features:

Quick Contact Tracing

Drive Classroom Policy

Enforce Safe Distancing

Simple Entry Screening

Identify Risky Locations

Case History Management

Start easily with a Plug & Play Solution!

Personal Tags

Each student and staff member gets an ID card sized tag. This helps collect their contact tracing data

Location Tags

Location tags are put up in specific areas like classrooms, labs, restrooms etc. This helps identify risky locations


3-4 gateways are put up in common areas like the school entrance, lobby etc. This extracts data from the people tags and transmits to our data servers for analysis

What people are saying?

We were worried about the exposure risks for the students but we couldn't just keep them away from school any longer as we saw a drop in their performance. Trace+ has somehow helped us to lessen the anxiety of getting back to school and keeping our children safe at a really affordable price.
The solution helps me to save time in managing safe distance between students and staff. The kids would run around all day and it would be really hard to know the risks on each kid without using Trace+ Tags to keep an eyes on them automatically.

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